Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nutrition Thursday: Eating too Much Protein

Hi guys, how's it going?!?

I spend a lot of time reading nutrition related articles and blogs and decided to share some of the nutrition love and info with you guys! On Thursdays I'll give y'all a recap of some topics I think are pretty interesting and sometimes misunderstood. It'll be short and sweet, I promise =).

Too much protein. It exists and I feel like some people underestimate the amount of protein they get each day!

I work at a Culinary School and part of my job is to review the Chef's menus and ensure they are not exceeding the protein limit, which is 4.0 - 4.5 ounces of protein / person.

This is the Recommended Daily Intake, as published by Choose My Plate (<-- an awesome website, check it out if you have time!). I need 46 grams of protein a day! Of course, this varies based on weight and physical activity.

Sneaky protein, is in so many foods. Just because you don't eat meat, doesn't mean you aren't eating protein. High protein foods:
  • Half chicken breast - 92g
  • 3 oz fish filet - 22g
  • Beans (1 cup) - 29g
  • Egg (1 egg) - 6 g
  • Yogurt (1 cup) - 14 g
  • Nuts (1 ounce) - 9g
Too much protein, what happens?

I took an introductory nutrition class recently and learned that if you consume more protein than your body needs, you may actually start to gain weight. This is because your body starts to store the excess protein as fat. While it is good to make sure we are getting enough protein, also make sure you aren't getting TOO much.

And of course a little bit of randomness because this wouldn't be my blog with out.

I almost drove off the road when I came home and saw this cat in our front yard. And what is wrong with it's neck??

Haley and I fixed it later =).

My first FIX! I am excited to see what they picked out for me! I'll do a full review on it soon.

I hope today is a good one! See you all tomorrow!

Q: Have you ever done Stitch Fix? Did you keep anything?

Q: Where do you get most your protein from?
-- greek yogurt

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Trying to find the silver lining + Lentil Marinara

Hey guys!

I'm going on Day #17 of no running slash any real physical activity. For those of you who know me, me without running is sort of kind of really frustrating and emotionally ugly. Running = my therapy. I really think finding a silver lining in everything is one of those valuable life skills and so I am trying to put on a smile and find other ways to stay calm and release my glass case full of emotions.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tangent Tuesday and the worst Halloween candy

Tangent Tuesday y'all! Welcome to the random thoughts that are my life.

Someone please tell me why I always think I can carry all my groceries in a basket and forgo getting a cart??? Vitamin Water 0 took a tumble down aisle 9...not embarrassed or anything as I run along after them.

Best friends, birthday celebrations and red wine sort of make the perfect combo. 

Dysfunctional since the second grade and I wish I could pull off leather pants like Mallory. Not pictured (but technically pictured) and I feel the need to tell you: there was about half a can of hair spray in my hair that night and I woke up with my hair just like that. If you're good at hair, please help me.

Trader Joe's write me loves notes in the form of food and I fall in love each time.

They reminded me of the time my sister and I had chocolate covered Pringles in San Antonio, Texas and it made me happy. She lives in NYC and I miss her a lot. If you're wondering if I made her stop mid-bite to pose for a picture then you are correct.

WHO STOLE THE ALMOND BUTTER FROM THE ALMOND BUTTER AISLE?! I took this as a sign that I should buy Cookie Butter instead, am I right or am I right?

Chick-Fil-A waffle fries >>> McDonald's fries >>> Wendy's personal french fry ranking. 

Ya know, just walking around the house, ballin' cantaloupe, Not singing We Fly High by Jim Jones or anything as I do it. Noooope, never. 

Yes, I wear that headband every day and yes, I need a new one. I'm obsessed with JUNK headbands and I think I want THIS one to be my next one.

Funny, but oh so mean Halloween prank.

Have a wonderful day you all!!! I have a really great pasta sauce recipe coming at ya tomorrow =).

What is the worst Halloween candy you got as a kid?
-- pretzels, I think??

One grocery item ALWAYS on your list?
-- apples and popcorn

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